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Resting in the Word

When stress and worry keep you from getting a good night's sleep, 
spend time meditating on scripture to heal the spirit and quiet the mind. Join teacher, writer and host Connie Minnell for a relaxing time of meditation and the message of God's loveTo SUBSCRIBE to this show, click on one of the boxes below, then click on the Subscribe or Like button. Thank You for listening, and may God bless your rest.
Note: These audios are designed to help you relax. Please do not listen to while driving.

Dec 26, 2017

This podcast is about blessing your spirit as it blesses your sleep, and today we focus on learning to listen to the truth.

Sometimes the truth that is hardest to hear is the only thing that saves us

But the truth is not always easy to find, or easy to accept. Welcome to Resting in the Word, a podcast designed to help heal your spirit and quiet your mind as we meditate upon some of the most...

Dec 14, 2017

Welcome to Episode 1 of Resting in the Word, a scripture meditation podcast created to refresh the spirit and relax the mind. This show is designed for anyone who struggles to find a restful night's sleep but is also looking for more than just healing the body. Here you're given a choice to meditate upon the...